3rd Transnational Project Meeting in Czech Republic


2022 06 07

20220531_093036 (1).jpg

Transnational project meeting took place at Sredni prumyslova skola chemicka Pardubice in Pardubice.  The participants were 2 members from each partner: Czech Republic, Lithuania and Slovakia.

This meeting was held in order to summarize feedback and outcomes from Staff training mobility – First Aid and Rescue from heights, discuss finances, teacher’s guide, video tutorials and dissemination, to prepare for the next Staff training and transnational meetings.

The first part was about previous mobility events - impressions from places, activities, trainers expectations, reached results. Each partners presented their institution trainers responses. Agreeing on learners’ training C4 and transnational project meeting TPM4 dates, places and activities.

The second part was to resume prepared info for teachers' guide, discuss guide design and common templates for each of them, discuss financial details of the project and clarify on the same questions. To conclude, all activities that were prepared and highlighted for dissemination, reviewed steps, video tutorials that must be done by the end of the project.


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