Four days Staff training Teachmergency in Slovakia


2022 05 10


The Teachmergency Staff training took place in Zuberec, Slovakia. During four days, six teachers/trainers from Upper Secondary School of Chemistry Pardubice, four teachers/trainers from Firefighters Training School (Vilnius) and three teachers/trainers from University of Žilina at Žilina (UNIZA) were collaborating together on First Aid. Teachers/trainers with different experience, knowledge and work practice in rescue, surviving and first aid skills were sharing  different work methods and systems, work experience in different environments.


This training was conducted in the form of a workshop and active and collaborative learning.


To share a wide range and amount of knowledge of first aid, the program was very intensive and organized in topics:


- CPR – adult/child, AED;

- Choking, chest injuries, asthma;

- CPR/BLS training on models;

- Stroke, heart attack;

- Bleeding injuries and necessary stopping procedure, foreign object in a wound, amputations;

- Shock, check-up time;

- Fracture and fixation;

- Burns, frostbite, electric injuries;

- Intoxication, behavioral disorders;

- Hanging trauma, hypothermia, avalanche falling and necessary procedure;

- The basics of transporting the injured from the place of accident.


Workshops were organized and lead by experienced trainers from UNIZA and with associated partner – Slovak Red Cross – Region office Žilina.


This training gave opportunity to meet teacher/ trainers from three different countries, to exchange good practice, to learn new methods and information, work in different, unusual places, as well as to improve the communication in English language, team-working.




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