Rescue from heights Staff training


2022 06 05


Four days, 25-28 of May 2022, Staff training Teachmergency in Czech Republic. The activity took place at Sredni prumyslova skola chemicka Pardubice in Pardubice. The groups of trainers focused on areas such as rescue, surviving and first aid teaching, which were selected from each partner organization, to get acquainted with new methods.

This training event was conducted in the form of a workshop and active and collaborative learning.

Following topics were presented and training sessions organised:

  1. Rescue from heights;
  2. Transportation of injured person from ski cables;
  3. Searching tactics of a missing person under snow;
  4. Work with ropes;
  5. Climbing techniques.

Workshops were organised and led by experienced trainers and in cooperation with Associated partner Pardubice region Fire brigade. Part of the training was located in a unique climbing polygon that has been built in Velké Poříčí and opened in 2019 - The Education and Training Center of the Fire Protection Training Center in Velké Poříčí, other activities were outside: in the mountains and Ski resort Říčky in Orlické hory or Buková hora.

 It was a unique opportunity for all the teachers/trainers and participants. The program was planned well, with a lot of activities, training and new good practice exchange. The participating trainers will include all the experience, and new or renewed information in their training to extend knowledge to colleges and students. The diversity provided an opportunity to prepare new steps and examples in training techniques. 


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